An ecosystem that provides environmental-friendly bags and uses mobile technology to simplify the transport of goods creating a better and more sustainable retail experience for customers and shops.

UX Design, Product Design, Visual Design

Prof. Wolfgang Henseler

Background & Process


The design challenge was to create a situative relevant service that would reduce the non-decomposable waste created by plastic bags to protect the environment without restricting convenience for the user.


Sustainability is achieved by conserving resources and reusing products. In retail this requires preliminary planning from the customer to take along a reusable bag and often creates inconvenience when the shopping is done spontaneously or the bag has been left at home.

A smart deposit system consisting of storage containers where people could borrow a bag and return it after use could help to solve this problem.  Using loyalty cards from shops as matching and payment methods the system utilizes exisiting technology and provides a low entry hurdle for users. It furhermore opens up the potential for shops to strengthen customer relationships and reward sustainable behaviour via bonus points or special offers.