A monitoring lamp which tracks health and efficiency affecting air conditions in an indoor environment. In case of critical condition it alerts the user by changing the colour of the emitting light and by sending a push notification via smartphone with advice on how to improve the current air quality.

UX Design, Product Design, Coding


Angelo Stitz


An iterative design process between ideation, prototyping and testing throughout the project using different materials, component arrangements and shapes resulted in a well optimised result and product.

The concrete material used at the beginning of the process didn’t proof to be efficient for the shape we had in mind, so we started a new  iteration building prototypes entirely with wood.

The technology inside can measure the level of carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity and process the information to send an alert to the user.

The difficulty lie in the arrangement of the components to make sure the sensors would not affect each others data and would not be visible from the outside but still have a sufficient air stream to ensure valid monitoring.

The shape indicates the functionality for turning the lamp on and off and reduces complexity.